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links to hardware suppliers

Below are the links to some of our suppliers. To place your order or if you have any questions, please click here to contact us today.

Adhesive and liquid nails


Soudal is a new company I have recently started using, they make a very STRONG adhesive, called T-Rex Adhesive, so if you are finding that the others do not do what you need, then I am sure T-Rex will be the right one for you!


Sellys is a well known product for quality and performance.

Cambells Wholesale

Also a very good supplier of quality products, suck as, adhesive, liquid nails and cleaning supplies.



BARDON AGENCIES is the home of quality precision saw blades, router bits and other woodworking and metalworking products. Unique in providing the unusual size bore measurement as well as in diameter.

Sheffield Group – Cutting Tool Perfection

This company provides an excellent selection in quality precision tooling.

Suttons Tools

Search for products for cabinet making, engineering and similar industries.


Search for your BOSCH requirements, and contact us for a quote.


Also a well known power tool manufacturer, which are, value for money for the budget conscious, but, also has reliability and performance.

Cooper Tools

They supply a large selection of quality hand tools.

Cabinet making hardware


Search their web site for hardware, including hinges and door handles.Power Tools

Cleaning products, lubricants, fixings etc.

Campbells Wholesale

The home of quality cleaning products, fixing products, masking tape and much more …