Why get your tools sharpened?

Here to help you save both time and money                    

Every trades person understands the importance of having the right tool for the right job. Most importantly, keeping them sharp and ready for the next job.

Dull blades, for example, only do one thing: they cause wear and tear on your precious power tools, which could lead to strain and damage in your muscles, as well as putting strain on your power tools.

Smooth Cut Sharpening saves you both time and money. With regular precision sharpening, you’ll have clean and smooth-edged tools, clear of chips and burrs. Sharpening will also prolong the life of your blades.

Image result for linbideWe offer tool sharperning services across Perth metro areas for tools of various types and sizes, including tools for woodworking, haircutting, dress making (scissors), gardening, lawn and kitchen/catering.

Whether you have handsaws, machine saws, cutters and drill bits or something else needing sharpening, call Lee on 041 998 1161 for a free, no-obligation quotation today.


What you should know about tool sharpening

We use CNC machinery with diamond wheels when we sharpen toolsOur machinery handles a range of types and sizes, including handsaws, twist drills, block plane blades, planer blades, taping knives, chisels, concrete drill bits, router bits, shaper cutters, chainsaws, carving tools, sheet metal snips, garden pruners, hedge trimmers, tree pruners, axes, shovels and other garden tools, kitchen knives, paper cutters (guillotine blades) and more. If it’s not listed on the tools we can sharpen, ask us about it.

Don’t wait too long before sharpening. As soon as their teeth start to look dull and feel blunt, you should send your blades off to be sharpened. Don’t let them reach the stage when chips start to appear on the cutting edge. This could mean we would have to grind extra when sharpening, therefore possibly reducing the thickness or replacing chipped teeth.

It’s safe to resharpen carbide-tipped saws. Sharpening carbide-tipped saws regularly only reduces a very thin layer. Our machines will ensure that your investment prolongs the life of your blades.

Teeth can be replaced to cut like new. Knowing that you may occasionally hit nails, screws, other fasteners or garden debris with your blades, our sharpening services include teeth replacement so you can have blades that will be as sharp as they were when you purchased them.

We inspect, clean, sharpen and inspect again. Each piece requiring sharpening is looked at closely and cleaned carefully before we attempt to sharpen. If your blade is too worn or damaged beyond repair, we’ll advise you and make some recommendations for a new purchase. We’ll only go ahead with the sharpening once you confirm.

We work fast and deliver fast. We will endeavor to get your tooling returned to you urgently.

Ready to sharpen tools?

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